Our mission here at Cloud Legal Online Conveyancing is to un-complicate conveyancing.

We aim to make conveyancing more affordable, more accessible and less stressful.

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Let's un-complicate conveyancing.

Simply the easiest way to settle your next Queensland property sale or purchase.
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about cloud legal online conveyancing

Welcome! We're pleased to meet you.

Our mission here at Cloud Legal Online Conveyancing is to un-complicate conveyancing.

We aim to make conveyancing more affordable, more accessible and less stressful for our clients.

We recognise that in this information age, there is no reason conveyancing should be a hassle. Forget the traffic, forget the parking, forget the appointments, forget the waiting, forget the stuffiness.

We deliver the first-class, professional and qualified legal services you expect, and we make it all available to you online 24 hours a day via our secure online portal.

All your advice, documents and searches are available when you have the time, not when your Solicitor says suits them.

Wherever you are, on whatever internet browser you choose. It's your move. In your time. Online.

Now that's un-complicated conveyancing.


Let's un-complicate things.
Conveyancing. Simplified.
Powered by Carthew Lawyers, we are qualified and experienced solicitors and conveyancers. We are members of the Queensland Law Society, and we promise to take good care of you. We promise low fees and and a super-convenient conveyancing experience.

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discount conveyancing fees
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Cloud Legal's discount conveyancing fees for sellers and buyers both include the following features:

Low fixed price
Discount professional fees
Cloud connect
Secure & available 24 hours
No sundries on our bills
Cost-price outlays
Low price search packages @ cost
Phone calls
Yep, all included
Yep, it's included too

These awesome prices are available for any freehold Queensland residential property
comprised of one title deed and settling in Brisbane.

Multi-title properties, leasehold, time share or commercial properties are excluded from this special pricing offer.
We'll still take care of those matters for you of course, but costs are a little higher as more searches, paperwork and agent fees are usually required. Contact us for a quote.
Settlements outside of Brisbane may necessitate a paid agent. You can easily avoid this by ensuring the "Place for Settlement" on the contract lists "Brisbane".


Real value for buyers and sellers.
Conveyancing. Cheaper.
You shouldn't need to max-out the credit card to pay for your conveyancing costs. Stamp duty, bank fees and moving costs usually do a pretty good job of that on their own. Our online solution means cheaper professional fees for buyers and sellers.

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super convenient

Online Legals.

Easy and convenient. Safe and secure.
We pledge to protect your interests and keep your data safe.
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Connect and Collaborate

PC. Mac. Mobile. Tablet. Wherever you are on the net. You're always in-touch, informed and up-to-date, at your convenience with Clio - our online conveyancing management portal.
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Bank-grade security

We employ state-of-the-art bank-grade security to our systems to ensure your sensitive data stays safe and secure.
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Confidential collaboration

Communications and files are protected with SSL encryption and are immune to eavesdropping by nosy third parties.
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No appointments necessary

Forget the hassle of visiting a solicitors office.
No travel. No parking. No waiting. No frustration. Save time. Save money.
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Easy access to all documentation

Transparent legals? What a novel approach!
You see what we see. All your documents and advice, readily accessible, 24 hours.
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Any operating system

Whether you're a Windows fan or a Mac die-hard, Cloud Legal Online Conveyancing is for you. Connect with us via any browser. No downloads. No installs. Easy.
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Pack up. Move out. Move in. Move on.

Your dedicated professional conveyancer will help and advise you every step of the way. Except with the packing - you're on your own there.

it's your move

Online. In your own time.
Conveyancing. Online.
Wherever and whenever you are on the net, you have access to all your conveyancing information and documents. No travelling, no parking, no waiting, no fuss. Just super convenient legals. All you need to do is worry about the packing.

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